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Food is the prime requirement of human-beings. To live a long life, you have to sick the healthy food system. A healthy food keeps away from the reach of the doctor. Expect this hygienic food is also plays a crucial role in your daily life.
Aaajiaao is the one of the best food and beverage service providers in outskirts of Delhi/NCR. We cater all the requirement of our customers. Our hospitality service is better than other service providers. We never want that the customer who come our shop have no gain.
We prepare all the food in the clean and tranquil environment. Come to our aaojiaao food store that gives the experience of cultural food belong any other location of India. Due to preparation of mouth watering dishes, our food store jammed with severity of people even in the odd and even hours.
At our store, you see a lot of snacks that makes a temptation in your mind. A severity of stuffed paratha has been seen in front of your eyes. The mouth- watering parantha embossed aloo parantha., Gobi parantha and fenugreek’s leaves paratha. You get the mixture of evergreen vegetables parantha such as aloo and onion parantha.
Apart from food and beverage, you get the fine tuning of juice. These juices occupy in different flavors like pineapple, mango and apple. On account of this, there are various kinds of shake available in different volumes. Most nominated shakes are mango, banana, chiku, papaya, strawberry, vanilla and Kesar Pista shake.
Except this healthy and cold drink, you easily find the hot beverages like coffee and tea. This is the best spot for the teenager and school goer’s students. In this place, student put off the whole tiredness that they attained whole day. Consuming this hot beverage turns you mind into the new freshness.

Whenever you enter into study circuit like Saket, AIIM in a Delhi, Never miss to attend the aaoji aoo food center. They nourish the epicure nature of your tongue. We serve our customer with sweet smile.


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Free Home Delivery
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Happy Hour, between 7am to 11pm
Happy Hour, between 7am to 11pm
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